Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I would love to own this. It's an ultra-rare 7", limited to 1000 pressings... More importantly, it's a fantastic record.

Thanks to www.minimal-wave.org, I was able to discover a long-forgotten local band.

Futurisk was from South Florida. They formed in the early 80's, under the leadership of Jeremy Kolosine. Sadly, they disbanded in 1984, but left us with two amazing releases.

This is incedibly dynamic and driving synth pop/rock, supported by a recording that is both raw and warm (apparently, they tracked the drums in a bathroom).

You can find a nice bio here.

It's the kind of record that makes me wish I was old enough to have experienced the SoFla new wave scene...

*** If anyone knows where to find a copy of "The Sound of Futurism 1980/Army Now" EP, that would be greatly appreciated.


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