Tuesday, December 10, 2013

CYNE + Keith Sunset on "A Ride To Anywhere"

Check out two new tracks from CYNE and Keith Sunset on the new Hometapes holiday compilation


A Ride to Anywhere:
Hometapes for the Holidays 2013


THIS IS A FREE DOWNLOAD! Click Buy Now and feel ok about entering $0. That said, we set this up so you have the option to make a charitable donation this holiday season: 100% of proceeds collected will go to benefit Megabolt.


About Megabolt:
Founded in 2009, Megabolt is a independent organization that specializes in art projects and workshops for kids. By uniting the design, fine arts , and craft communities with young people, Megabolt enables the creation of unique objects, events, and experiences – all designed to let kids be kids and enjoy their lives through the power of art.


See more of Megabolt’s work at megabolt.org
See their latest project at rideonpdx.com

Sunday, December 8, 2013

CYNE - Tears For Uriah

Let’s turn it back into something: CYNE announces their new album, All My Angles Are Right

LISTEN: CYNE “Tears For Uriah

CYNE are more than one emcee, more than two producers, more than their decade-spanning discography, and, with today’s announcement of the new album, All My Angles Are Right, more than just hip-hop.

Cise Star is a conscience for your headphones. Speck and Enoch dig deep so you don’t have to. CYNE rise above their sphere, merging the personal and the political with genre-busting production and silver-tongued rhymes that capture cross-millennia truths. Their beats have been used by Joey Bada$$, they’ve been remixed by Four Tet, they’ve collaborated with To Rococo Rot, Daedelus, and Nujabes, and, since 2008, they’ve been part of the Hometapes family (see Pretty Dark Things, Water For Mars, and Wasteland Vol. 1.)

CYNE lights up their full spectrum with All My Angles Are Right, their fifth album out March 2014 – and with today’s tell-tale release of the first single “Tears For Uriah.”

CYNE All My Angles Are Right
Hometapes 065 - LP / CD / DIG
RELEASE DATE: March 18, 2014

01. Attics
02. Avians
03. Tears For Uriah
04. Sunglasses After Midnight
05. Fine Prints
06. In Between Kingdoms
07. Ancient Audio
08. Plato’s Cave
09. Poison
10. Carousels
11. Null
12. Heaven Is A Hologram
13. Spaces
14. Embers
15. Firefights

BELOW: Album art by 2Shy

Friday, December 9, 2011

CYNE and Keith Sunset for the Holidays

Thursday, November 17, 2011

CYNE - Wasteland Vol.1: Killmore

Now I go by the name Laserteeth Killmore
Baptized in hurt
Resurrected in flames

CYNE returns. On the heels of the rush of Water For Mars and the resplendence of 2008's Pretty Dark Things, Cise Star, Enoch, and Speck tell a new story in classic mixtape form. Nearly an hour of brand new vocal tracks, seriously addictive beat vignettes, evolved samples, and the story of Laserteeth Killmore.

There's Earth, there's Space, and then there's CYNE.

Featuring art by Justin Lovato.

Enter Killmore by CYNE

An Introspection by CYNE

Thursday, August 25, 2011


We are very proud to present this album to you...

...a longtime collaboration with my good friend Roberto Carlos Lange.

Enjoy and share!


Our dear friends at Hometapes came to us with a very special request...

In preparation for the release of Megafaun's forthcoming record, Hometapes sifted through hours of video footage from the band's recording sessions. They asked that we help with putting together a small glimpse into the process and effort behind this outstanding album.

The Falcon Hawksome team was humbled to be involved, and couldn't be more pleased with the final result.

Be sure to check out the amazing "Carolina Days" video, made by our lovely friends at Sirocco Research Labs.


Futura x 12ozProphet

A while back, Speck was fortunate enough to collaborate with 12ozProphet for the launch of their highly anticipated t-shirt line, showcasing the work of the legendary graffiti pioneer, Futura. Speck provided the score to a 12ozProphet-produced documentary about the artist.

Although it's been some months since the t-shirt series was released, the video is something that the Falcon Hawksome team is very proud to have been a part of...

Not only has Futura always been a major creative influence, but this opportunity brought longtime friends and collaborators together for the first time.