Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hecho En Venezuela, part 2

Most of these records were found in living rooms, markets, or secondhand stores, on our most recent trip to Maracaibo...

Silvio Rodriguez -- Sueño Con Serpientes
(from "Dias Y Flores" 1975)

A beautiful song by one of the founding Cuban nueva trova artists, popularized during the 70's, in Venezuela, for his protest/political folk songs.

Angel Rada -- Carillon
(from "Upadesa" 1980)

Phenomenal, mostly unknown, Cuban-Venezuelan synth musician, who started the 80's Ethnosonic movement, after a visit to Kling Klang Studio.

Chelique Sarabia -- Orinoco Rio Abajo
(from "La Garza Negra Y De Hierro" 1975)

Celebrating the Venezuelan nationalization of iron and oil, this album continues to explore Chelique's "Revolución Electrónica."

Vytas Brenner -- Madrugada
(from "Hermanos" 1974)

A pioneer of the Venezuelan Progressive scene, Brenner's music is a hybrid of electronic and traditional instrumentation.

Grupo Folklorico Y Experimental Nuevayorquino -- Aguemimo
(from "Lo Dice Todo" 1976)

This 70's Bronx-based Afro-Puerto Rican/Cuban collective centered their recordings around improvisation and traditional music.

And, if you missed our previous Hecho En Venezuela post (featuring other tracks from Chelique Sarabia and Silvio Rodriguez), we've also included those HERE.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


We wanted to take this opportunity to repost some music from our Falcon past... Feel free to grab these, again, or for the first time:

01. Cristal can be found HERE
02. Splash.... can be found HERE
03. Fall Music can be found HERE
04. Funk Party can be found HERE
05. Jamaicanmecrazy! can be found HERE
06. Seven Seven Inches can be found HERE
07. Spring Into Summer can be found HERE
08. 90's Remix Explosion can be found HERE
09. The Weekend Became Eclectic can be found HERE

...and, don't forget the recent Psych Hawk posting!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Playas @ MIFF

The Falcon Hawksome-directed video for Helado Negro's "Playas" will screen at the Miami International Film Festival, during the REEL Music Video Art showcase (March 6th and March 13th).

If you're in town, come check it out!

Psych Hawk, Pt.1

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01. Charles Lamont - History (1970, UNI)
02. Ambrose Slade - Genesis (1969, Fontana)
03. The Maze - Dejected Soul (1968, MTA)
04. Stoneground - From a Sad Man into a Deep Blue Sea (1972, WB)
05. Providence - To Light Your Journey (1972, Threshold)
06. J.K. & Co. - Fly (1969, White Whale)
07. Steve Morgen - Of Dreams (1969, Probe)
08. The Illusion - Angel (1969, Steed)
09. John Kay and The Sparrow - Isn't It Strange (1969, Columbia)

Get it HERE.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ernest Gonzales - "Self Awakening" Video

Ernest Gonzales - "Self Awakening" from CYNE on Vimeo.

Falcon Hawksome recently completed this video for our friend, Ernest Gonzales, for the release of his new record "Been Meaning To Tell You" (which is out now, on the falcon friendly Friends Of Friends record label).

The video premiered at URB, this week... and, can be found at the Ernest-run Exponential Records blog.

Also, be check out CYNE's remix of Ernest's "Upon the 49th Day".