Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Post-Doors Post

Join Falcon Hawksome as we open the doors of perception, and unleash some of the songs created after Jim Morrison left the band to pursue a career in death...

First, the world heard "Other Voices" (Elektra 1971)... Clearly, Ray and Robby couldn't wait for for their chance to step up to the mic. Both are terrible singers, with a lot of passion, and a gift for some awesome shitty poetry: "you ask me if I love you... do ships with sails love the wind?" Plus, the best part about the old Doors -- the instrumentation -- contends with any of their finer moments.

Their next album was titled "Full Circle" (Elektra 1972). I'm just giving it my first listen, now...

Shortly after, Ray dove into a solo career -- he enlisted the likes of Patti Smith, Joe Walsh, and John Klemmer to help execute some pretty intense journeys. These songs run the gamut from blues rock, to lite prog, with echoes of Santana, and some synth-a-mythical rhythmic Egyptian excursions... here, you'll find tunes from the albums "The Golden Scarab," and "The Whole Thing Started With Rock & Roll Now It's Out Of Control" (both released in 1974, on Mercury). He continues to prove himself a master of the keys and a crucial asset to The Doors catalogue, but doesn't fail to remind you who wrote the main riff to "Light My Fire" (listen to the solo section of "Bicentennial Blues").

Later on, Ray teamed up with a crew of younger cats to form Nite City. Nite City's "Nite City" album (20th Century 1977) was advertised as: "five unique individuals, [with] one dramatic desire... purveying a new breed of music poetry and passion, precision and abandon." It kinda sounds a tiny bit like Bobby Conn mixed with a hint of the Doors, wrapped up in 70's LA-narrative drug rock.

Open some doors HERE.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Roxy Music - Remake Remodel - 1972

Happy New Year!
This is my little gift for everybody.
Love Brian Eno's leopard print shirt! Enjoy!