Tuesday, April 29, 2008

CYNE - Starship Utopia

On May 30th, CYNE will be releasing "Starship Utopia" on CD / vinyl / digital, through Project Mooncircle.

You can pre-order the limited edition color vinyl version [which includes a t-shirt for the first 100 buyers] here.

You can preview the tracks of of the record here.

A1. Kill The Music
A2. Starship Utopia
A3. Sex Tapes
A4. Elemental
A5. Six Shooter (Speck + Crum Remix)
A6. Loopholes
B1. Hurricane Song (Featuring - Seven Star, Soarse Spoken, Stres)
B2. Divides
B3. Floatin' (Featuring - Seven Star, Soarse Spoken, Stres)
B4. Montana (Co-Produced By Deceptikon)
B5. Catharsis

CYNE's full-length album, "Pretty Dark Things," will be released on Hometapes in May.

CYNE @ myspace

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