Monday, June 29, 2009


Just in time for Summer... we recently unearthed an impressive Reggae, Dub, and Dancehall collection. Most of it was from the 80's, with an emphasis on Prince Jammy and Willie Lindo productions. Here are some of our favorites:

01. Thriller U - "Hard To Say I'm Sorry"
[on Jammy Records, 1991]
02. Cocoa Tea - "Highest Mountain (Version)"
[on Witty Records, 198?]
03. Gregory Isaacs - "Secretary"
[on African Museum, 1979]
04. Dennis Brown - "Lovelight" (Burning Version)"
[on Yvonne's Special, 198?]
05. Cornel Campbell - "Mash You Down"
[on Earthquake, 1977]
06. Joe Gibbs and the Professionals - "Jam Fi Bread"
[on Joe Gibbs Music, 1979]
07. Sister Nancy - "Money Can't Buy Love"
[on Techniques, 198?]
08. Augustus Pablo - "The Big Rip Off"
[on Trojan, 1975]
09. Gregory Isaacs - "I Lie To You"
[on Bebo's Music, 1984]
10. Cocoa Tea + Major Danger - "Proud To Be Black (Version)"
[on Eclipse, 198?]
11. The Black Roots Players - "Loving Dub"
[on Black Roots Records, 1980]
12. Sugar Minott - "Dance Hall We Deh"
[on Witty Records, 1984]



Maia said...

Super summery and awesome!

Dave said...

really? where do you "unearth" this stuff? if you say the salvation army, i'm going to scream.

chinshue said...

could you send a fresh link for me to get those stuff