Monday, July 27, 2009

Funk Party.

I'm pretty sure that we completely missed the Baile Funk train... but, we recently stumbled across this well-loved collection of mid-nineties Brazilian records and felt compelled to share.

After discovering tracks from the likes of DJ Marlboro and DJ Amazing Clay, it felt like the perfect opportunity to bring you some more summer music:

01. MC Kojak - "Dança Da Bundinha Ro JJ"
02. Marcelo Do Rap + MC Pulunga - "Rap Do Trem"
03. MC Marcio + MC Goró - "Liberdade Dos Funkieros"
04. MC Ailton + MC Binho - "Rap Da Massa Funkeira"
05. MC Rogério + MC Marcelo - "Rap Das Marcas"
06. Movimento Funk Club - "Meló Chupa Nenem"
07. MC Dinho + MC Marinho - "Rap Da Casa Branca"
08. MC Esquisito - "Melô Da Janete"
09. MC Willian + MC Duda - "Morena"

Get them HERE, and then throw a party.


1 comment:

Opus said...

Hi there Falcon!

Nice blog. I was wandering around and stumbled on this post about Funk brazilian music.

Please forgive me if it's none of my business but these musics ROCK for parties, but the lyrics... do you have any idea what threy're about?

Best Regards!